Sunday, May 6, 2012

OMD Homework 2

Shooting Practice

Hey folks, this is a quick one and its a follow up to yesterdays post on the 15 minute challenge. I was messing around this morning and decided to try some shots of my favorite Lee Morgan T shirt using the Olympus FL-36R flash that I bought ages ago to use with the GF1. I really like this T (and the album) and its very contrasty. I did the 15 min challenge with it and edited in CameraBag2 again with the nice contrasty look I liked. I know its a bit over the top but its just some fun.

Here is another take on it with a different background. I know these are not technical shots but if anyone is interested the strobe is in close with a honl travel softbox attached. This is about the limit for the FL-36R which is not really that powerful. I like it a lot though as it works TTL with the Lumix and Olympus cams, is very light and portable and works off two rechargeable AA's. I like the set up with the OMD though and I can get it off cam with cord. Will be trying this out some more over the next few weeks. As you will have noticed I put the shot in a square crop film border in camerabag for a bit of fun, I think it looks really cool.

Here's the final effort from the 15 min shoot and I think I will quit there before it gets tiresome.

I would urge anyone stuck at home to give this a go, its great fun and sharpens your eye and camera craft for the 'real' situations when you travel.

Here are a couple of other shots that I saw today when I finished with the T shirt strobe shoot.

 I tried three takes on this and like the last one best. Incidentally, these ones are with the Sigma 30 F2.8 that I have been trying out and its beginning to grow on me a lot.

Here is the final one below and my personal favorite, simplicity wins out as usual.

That's a good thing about this homework exercise, it makes you strip things down to simpler elements.

That's it for this short bit of fun post folks, need to get back to editing the Fujian shots for Part 2 of the post.




  1. Hi Colin, nice work there with the knife pictures, awesome processing as well. Found your blog through steve huff and realized you are based in my country! Keep up the good work :)

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  3. Haven't seen a post from you in a month, Colin. I check regularly but no news :^). Hope all is well. Your photographic vision is inspiring indeed.

  4. Thanks Guys, I have been a bit busy work wise recently and got a bit of a block on how to finish the Fujian blog as it was all about the patterns and I had already shown the best ones. What I decided to do was show the context more and talk less about the gear. The post is now up so I will be interested in any feedback to that approach.

    Thanks for the support, it really helps me to orientate when I get feedback.

    Take care folks,


    1. Dear colsteel could you please remove my previous comment which was posted by my self on june 12? many thanks

  5. Love the Lee Morgan album, and the photo too.

    I'm enjoying your blog. I travel fairly regularly to Asia as well. You can check out my blog at:



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