Saturday, June 30, 2012

Istanbul Day 3- OMD on the Road

Good Morning Istanbul

I started yesterday with sunset from the terrace at the Rast Hotel where I am staying in Istanbul so I thought I would start today with sunrise (or nearly, I overslept a little). What a view, I could spend all day lounging about up there, but I didn't :)

I wandered the streets a little today but in all honesty I think the jet lag and overnight flight from Singapore is catching up so I decided to take it easier and have a more relaxed day. Having said that, I still came across some really nice people like this guy at Beyazit Square. When I asked if I could shoot his ringed hand and cane for a detail shot he promptly assumed I wanted a fully posed portrait and stood to attention. Not really what I wanted but I think the shot works because of the tight crop and the glance from the old man on the right. A quick word on the processing of these shots which is probably a bit more colorful and contrasty than my normal style but I felt it suits the vibrant atmosphere of Istanbul, I hope its not overdone as I am hopelessly color blind but it looks nice to my eyes. Out of interest its a very simple piece of Lightroom editing and I am simply adding a bit more presence and vibrance than normal, just about everything else is the same as usual.

I don't think that the above shot is very inspirational but I really liked the way the light was falling on the scene and it looked very rich and saturated, the coins, notes and paraphernalia the guy was selling was also interesting and I spent a very pleasant five minutes or so looking at his wares.

We all love barber shops, the light is usually good and there is always a mirror for that all important reflection. Its a bonus when the barber is waring the favored Turkish red and has a good tatoo into the bargain. This guy was also very tolerant and allowed me to shoot for a while.

The Turkish Wedding

Sometimes you just get lucky, the hotel manager recomended a restaurant to us and when we got there a wedding party was in full swing and the bride and groom very graciously allowed me to shoot a few photos. 

In looking at these shots I think I overdid the noise reduction as they are looking too plastic for my liking, still its too late at night now and I still like the smile anyway. These are very low light shots at ISO 3200 and while usable, it doesn't take much to push them over the edge.

As at the barbers shop, mirrors are your friend. There seems to be a tradition at Turkish weddings that the girls carry a small candle in each hand, not sure why but it made for interesting photography.

Here's the last shot of the day and although the lighting was poor and my exposure was a bit off I had to include it for the sultry look from this beautiful young Turkish lady....oh to be young again.

That's it for day 3 folks, the workshop with Peter begins tomorrow so it will be interesting to see how it progresses and what other delights this fascinating city has in store.




  1. Nice shots Colin. Like them. Just take the image as it comes.

  2. Your series on Istanbul is fantastic!! Looking forward to more!! I love Istanbul and would definitely go back. Btw, it's your fault that I've just purchased the Pany 14/2.5: you really make it sing (if there's such a thing as a singing lens or singing photograph)!

  3. Wow you are good! very sophisticated blog site. I recently started an amateur travel blog myself to describe my semiannual world travels. So far been to Thailand, China and Costa Rica, but more to come. Your site is a good aspiration, thanks!


  4. Thanks S.C., thats a good philosophy :)

    Hey G, something I may write about soon that I learned from Peter was that one aspect of creating your own 'voice' in photography is to find a focal elngth that works for you and stick to it. In my case 28 is the magic length and that little lightweight beauty does the trick. I am sure you wont regret the purchase.

    Yuiry, thanks for that, I would love to go to Costa Rica, must have been great.



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